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List Of Top 10 Universities in Pakistan

List Of Top 10 Universities in Pakistan.

In Pakistan the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan determined the Institutional rankings based on the aggregate score.

Following is the List of Top 10 Universities in Pakistan.

  1. Quaid-i-Azam University
  2. University of the Punjab
  3. National University of Sciences and Technology
  4. University of Agriculture (Faisalabad)
  5. Aga Khan University
  6. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
  7. Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  8. University of Karachi
  9. University of Health Sciences (Lahore)
  10. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

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The List of 10 Universities in Pakistan are determined with the help of the following five Criteria on which HEC determine the Universities ranking along with their weighted score and sub-components are summarised below. Each criterion and its weighting is dependent upon a set of sub-components. The five criteria along with their weighted score and sub-components are summarised below.

  • Quality assurance Standard of M.Phil., M.S. and PhD courses eligibility criteria for faculty member appointments, plagiarism policy compliance, assessment of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) for internal quality assurance, international awards/honours attained by students, affiliation of coursework with national accreditation bodies e.g. NAEAC, NBEAC, NCEAC, PEC and PMDC; latest international rankings of the university/institute.
  • Teaching quality Staff to student ratio, ratio of PhD faculty and full-time faculty, faculty training and recruitment, student enrollment ratio and selectivity national and international awards/recognition attained by faculty members.
  • Research Nationally and internationally registered patents, varieties, technologies, breeds and creative work; university industrial linkages through Offices of Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (ORICs) ratio of PhD students and total PhD output per year. amount of external research grants obtained; amount of travel grants obtained by faculties for presentation of papers abroad; number of papers published in ISI Web of Science impact factor journals and HEC-recognised journals; citations per paper; university h-index; number of W and X category journals published; internet bandwidth and HEC Digital Library utilisation; number of national and international conferences/seminars/workshops/symposia organised.
  • Finance and facilities Ratio of non-salary expenditures in total budget; amount generated through own resources, amount of budget expended on research and libraries; computers available per student and faculty; number of books and resources in libraries; number of external scholarships received by students.
  • Social integration/community development (4) – Community outreach programs and services; international collaborations and student exchange programs; number of international students enrolled and foreign faculty.
    Source: Wikipedia

So above is the list of top 10 Universities in Pakistan. if you need the the list of all Public and Private sector universities in Pakistan then Please visit this List of universities in Pakistan.

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