How to keep your files and folders safe safe.

Although there are so many traffic on the internet, if you are sharing something online, then the possibility of hacking is completely there. Encryption is essential for this, it will not only burn ordinary computers but also the fastest computer and network. If you have digital, you have to clean it. I teach how to protect  files:

1. Encrypt file before sharing
Most of us do not think about this, but we need to encrypt them before sharing files with us. Good news for you is encryption easy. Use encryption on file sharing website You must choose the option to encrypt before sending mail. In addition, you can also use platforms like,,,, encrypted.

2. Make your e-mail secure
Secure emails called SendSafely provide this end-to-end encryption, so that you can send mail more safely. It can also be used for services like Outlook and Gmail, in the free edition, approximately 50 MB of function is provided per month.

3. Encryption on Cloud
To do this, we need to use a service called boxcryptor that supports most cloud storage providers. It will also work with all desktop and mobile platforms.

4. Encrypt Gmail
If you are using Gmail, you need information about the cryptup tool that works with the Chrome browser. You can use this tool for end-to-end encryption with Gmail’s Inbox. When added to an extension, the “Save” button will appear in front of the regular Gmail button, which allows you to encrypt the attachments.

5. Privacy to make information from these devices
In many cases, you need to share information such as ATM PIN and credit card details with friends. However, after sharing such information, you have to change many passwords. You can save more time and effort while changing your password using a device named PrivNote. This allows you to send a note, which will be removed when you read it. You can also create a note of this password. This service informs you by mail that the memo sent by you has been destroyed.


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