In this modern age more than a billion people are using Facebook. Due to Facebook a lot of people earn Money online from Facebook. Most users have fan pages with thousands of followers on Facebook and they still do not know how to easily earn money from this page. Making money with a Facebook fan page is easy and very durable. So how much money can you make from your Facebook fan page? It totally depends on how big the Facebook page is. So read the following Step to know how to earn money Online from Facebook fan pages.

  1. Create Facebook Account.

As we are discussing that how to earn money online from facebook. So First Of all you have a Facebook account as everyone have a Facebook account these day. if you don’t have any Facebook account then you can create it very easily. But for this you must have a valid email id or active mobile number. if you have then click on this link creates Facebook account.

  1. Create a Facebook fan page.

Now create a Facebook fan page if you have already a Facebook fan page then promote it. if your fan page have a large number of follower then you can start earning. As you know we are discussing here to earn money from Facebook page. Create a fan page on any Niche which you can really promote. like politics and entertainment etc. Then write excellent content on your fan page and share the data as much as possible. Once your page receives very good response and likes it well you can go to the next step to earn money online with Facebook fan page.

  1. Create a website.

Now the Fourth Step is to create a website. On the Niche that is related to your Facebook fan page. You can create a website on blogger and word press for free with sub domain and at a very low price with custom domain name. For website creation at very cheap rate you can contact here. OR Click on this link How to create a website.

  1. Upload quality content.

To Earn money Online the fifth step is to upload a quality content and not copied past content on your blog or website. And share these content links on your Facebook fan page to derive traffic on your website or blog. Your earning depend totally on the volume of your traffic for this you must have a large number of follower on your home page.

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You can also earn money online from website monetization. For this there is a lot of network like Google AdSense   Info links   Amazon and so on. For more detail of Monetization and affiliate marketing please visit this link best Affiliate Marketing sites.



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